Rocker panel skids: fits all Gen 1's

email for current price, and shipping costs (~120 lb), UPS Standard. Unpainted.

"Hi-Lift approved"

Originally built to protect what's left of my rocker panels after surviving the Rubicon Trail. Re-designed as an EZfit system, permitting final positioning to be done by the installer, welded to the frame. Made from 2 inch square hollow structural steel tubing (0.25 inch wall thickness), except for the 1.5 inch tubing directly under the rockers, and 0.25 inch thick plate steel, these will support all the weight of the truck.
Fits the 2 door trucks, and a 4door version is also available.
The ends of the mounting arms will be welded closed, keeping them water-tight (and airtight, for extra air tankage).

Close-up of the end of the main skid. Bevelled to provide lift on impact, and to blend in with the line of the wheel wells.

These are the gusseted butt-plates. They are expecting to be welded to the frame, and then the rocker skids can be welded to them in any final position.

These are still in primer paint, to show their relative location.

Designed to blend in with the truck's lines, they look "factory".

email: For more details

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