1987 Dodge Raider, rebuilt again, this time as a Mitsubishi Raider.
formerly re-badged as a Mitsubishi Pajero, still with its new 4.3L engine!

After Aug 2011:

Before Aug 2011:

details (as of Jun 26, 2012):

The project continues...

Truck rebuild in summer 2012, the transfer case, replacing a worn t-case gear.

Truck rebuild in summer 2011, a frame and body swap, mixing and matching the good bits with a California 1987 donor.

Details from prior to June 2011:

Rebadged with Mitsubishi Pajero badges.

4.3L V6 Vortec engine from a 1994 Chev Blazer.
Automatic transmission and 4x4 transfer case also from the Blazer.
Front differential and air filter system from the Mitsubishi V6 version of this truck.
Custom front and rear driveshafts, Radiator, 3" exhaust, and many other parts.

33x12.5" Yoko Geolandar M/T+'s on 15x8" rims.
ARB RD-05 rear locker, ARB RD-110 front locker, ARB RDKA compressor.
Re-arched rear leafs, re-packed with extra leaf, for 1" lift, with Prothane bushings (squeek!).
Torsion bars adjusted to raise the front, to level the truck.
Front suspension's upper bump stops trimmed to 1/3 height.
Reinforced steering idler arm, with zerc fitting.
Auto-locking front hubs replaced with Aisin manual locking hubs.
Rocker panels, body mounts, stock bumpers, and gas tank: all customized by the Rubicon Trail, California, (write-up). August, 2001.
Welding project: fuel tank protection, and a "how-to" on 4x4Wire.
Welding project: rear bumper, earlier design, and a "how-to" on 4x4Wire.
Welding project: cross-shaft skid plate and transfer case skid plate.
Welding project: roof rack.
Welding project: hi-lift jack holder.
Welding project: tail-gate cargo screen.
Autometer gauges, mechanical oil pressure, and voltmeter, set into the factory gauge pod.
Larger front disc brakes and calipers, taken from a V6 Gen 1.
Body lift: 2" UHMW blocks from Roger Brown.
Cut out rust holes in rear-wheel wells, and weld in replacement metal.
Dual Bouncy Seats with the passenger side tension adjust dial switched to the other side.
Replaced the stock automatic transmission cooler with a much larger ATF cooler, taken from a Ford truck. Mounted directly to an A/C fan!

Custom Welding: (No more welder access, no longer available for sale.)

Heavy-duty rear bumper.

Heavy duty, winch-ready front bumper.

Heavy-duty rocker panel skid bars.

Rigs with all three!

Other projects, and pages:

Welding instructor!, May 4, 2005.

Project Vortec: Chev 4.3L engine swap, Jan 30, 2006.

Vacuum hose diagrams, May 2002.

Mitsubishi Gen 1 tire fitment diagram, Feb 2004.

Measuring rim width and backspace., Apr 2004.

Off-road trips:

Colorado, Utah, July 2006.

Colorado, Moab, July-August 2004.

Moab, November 2002.

Colorado, Moab, California, August 2002.

Oregon sand dunes, August 2001.

Some full-sized images of past trips.

Other websites:

The Mitsubishi chat group on 4x4Wire.

A new chat group for us Pacific North-West 4x4s: GitOut!