Front Bumper: winch-ready, fits all Gen 1's

Email for current price, and shipping cost ~75lb UPS Standard (oversize, ~115 lb "dimensional wt."). Unpainted, undrilled.

"Hi-Lift approved"

Made from 5 inch channel iron, with 1/4 inch plate steel for the winch plate, mounts, and frame mounts. Brush bars are 3/16" wall thickness. Intended for rock crawling, and strong enough to support the weight of the truck. Excellent approach angles at the wheel wells. Winch will fit without any further modification to the truck.
Fits the 2.6L and 3L, 2 door and 4 door, Gen 1 trucks.

Fits close, to permit maximum approach angle.

Here's Sparkem (South-East USA) giving his new bumper a work-out, and showing how it fits a winch. ...and how it can get dirty!

Here's Phil (Western Canada) giving his new bumper a work-out in the snow!!

email: For more details

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