Rear bumper: Version 2 (Mar 2004), fits all Gen 1's

Email for current price, and shipping cost (UPS Standard). Unpainted. Undrilled

"Hi-Lift approved"

Made from 2" x 2" square hollow structural steel tubing, with 0.25" wall thickness.
All internal air spaces are connected by pre-drilling, and with the airtight MIG welds.
This bumper can also be used as a 5L air tank. For an extra $20, it will be drilled and tapped for 1/4" NPT, the standard air-line fitting size.
Shaped to fit all Gen 1 trucks, keeping as much of the rear wheel well accessible as possible, and still be adaptable to any amount of body lift.
My truck has 2" body lift blocks, which are well hidden by this new design.

Before painting, still in grey primer. This shows the details of the bumper more clearly.

Fits well, and blends in.

Driver's side corner close-up

3.0L V6 Gen1 trucks, required modification:

After removing the rear bumper, you will see these attach points.

You will need to shorten the frame extensions as shown, at the weld line.
There is also a pair of thinner and smaller minor supports that may need to be shortened slightly.

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