Mitsubishi Tire Fitment.

Intended to show fitment of the more common tire/rim combinations on Gen 1's

Please note that after-market rims often seem to exist in 2 back-space measuements for each style. For 8" rims, the higher back-space numbers (typically 4.0" and higher) are usually meant for stock street tire widths, while the lower back-space #'s (typically 3.625" and lower) are usually for "over-size" tires. The larger-than-stock tires need to be moved away from the suspension, and this is the reason for the lower back-spacings. For 33x12.5's on 8" wide rims on our Gen 1 Mitsu's, the grey area seems to be in the 3.75" to 4.0" range.
As the tire get wider, the back-space must get smaller.

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