1953 to 1964 - the early years.

My parents, 1953.

From Mt Arrowsmith to ...Marion!(Apr 4, 2015)

Even further afield: Kelowna! ...just the 2 of them. And then, camping, and the family tent! (Feb 11, 2015)

And now it's time for a little exploration: Lake and Mountain.(Jan 19, 2015)

...then... heeere's John! With three practice sons to their credit, #4 should be perfect!(Jan 7, 2015)

...annnnddd, another one! Hi Ken!(Oct 22, 2014)

Brother number two: Jim! Meanwhile, the house and neighbourhood are beginning to take their final shape.(Sept 23, 2014)

Her 1st brother: Don! Meanwhile, the home renovations continue.(Sept 18, 2014)

Her 1st birthday, and, look at me, I can walk!(May 11, 2014)

The new arrivals: Doreen, the Army barracks, and Uncle John!(May 3, 2014)

The first year: Just the two of us...(Apr 28, 2014)

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