Fun on the water! The Water Bomber, up close.

Says mom: "Dad and I took a trip to the mainland in 1961, possibly 1962. I remember thinking that it was 8 years since I came to Canada and it was the first time that I left Vancouver Island. We made some kind of loop, starting with the van Kessel's in New Westminster and then continuing to Hope, Manning Park etc. to Kelowna, where we were going to visit the LeBeauís. They were not home so we carried on to Kamloops, sleeping in the Volkswagen in B.C. parks campsites. We spent about a week travelling, it was great. I believe we had Martin and Tilly Koppes (uncle of Berry Reumkens) looking after you kids."

van Kessel's

The careful driver...

...the very latest in early 60's summer-wear

Somewhere along the Hiway...

Horses, gotta stop for a good look!

...and an extra picture! ...don't feel bad John, but there now might be more horse pictures than there are pictures of you!

...All the comforts of home! ...minus the five terrors, of course!

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