Burrard Bridge.

(Oct 1, 2016)The old concrete railing is now gone from the west side.

(Oct 1, 2016)New re-bar has been epoxied into the bridge so that the new concrete will hace something to adhere to.

(Oct 1, 2016)The extensions required to widen the deck are slowly being added.

(Oct 1, 2016)The new railing has been finished along the south-west side.

(Oct 1, 2016)The "unknown" deep hole is getting an "unknown" addition.

(Apr 28, 2016) Apparently, this old bridge is destined to keep its good looks...

(Apr 28) It's just the traffic flow that's getting an adjustment. The north end of the bridge will no longer have the short-cut lanes.

(Apr 28) And it will be changed to include seperate bike lanes in both directions, with pedestrian traffic regaining access to the east side.

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