Burrard Bridge.

(June 22, 2016)Burrard at 1st Ave, now repaved and ready for lane marking. The bike lane now extends up to 4th. Vehicle traffic now has left and right turn lanes.

(June 22, 2016)Instructions to the insiders... Or, are they dance move diagrams?

(June 22, 2016)The bike lane on Pacific is now well along the landscaping stage.

(June 22, 2016)A peek at the big hole... 30' down, and nothing there. I will assume it will have to do water pipes, but no reason given for it yet...

(June 22, 2016)The work under the north end of the bridge ramp.

(June 22, 2016)Zoomed in, you can see they are epoxying in rebar, and then adding rebar and concrete forms for the future deck width extensions.

(June 22, 2016)The Burrard and Pacific intersection is still a work in progress.

(June 22, 2016)Removing the old chicken wire mesh...

(June 22, 2016)The rolling underside examination cage makes it way along the bridge.

(June 22, 2016)This tool is a rotating drum with big burr teeth, and it seems to be ripping a test section on the actual bridge span sidewalk.

(June 22, 2016)The old barrier. They are cutting off the old main supports close to the sidewalk level.

(June 22, 2016)This large remote operated hammer is chipping the concrete that remains so that only the the steel rebar is left exposed.

(June 22, 2016)This smaller unit is doing the finishing touches. ...kinda looks like the guy's taking a leak, though...

(June 22, 2016)All cleaned off, and with safety covers over the exposed rebar.

(June 22, 2016)Along the approach to the ramp, rebar is being epoxied in for the new barrier that will be built.

(Apr 28, 2016) Apparently, this old bridge is destined to keep its good looks...

(Apr 28) It's just the traffic flow that's getting an adjustment. The north end of the bridge will no longer have the short-cut lanes.

(Apr 28) And it will be changed to include seperate bike lanes in both directions, with pedestrian traffic regaining access to the east side.

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