Around Reykjavik

John's flight home was yesterday afternoon. I wanted to check out a few more shops, etc, so I just wandered...

The flowers in the park really give the city a "harmless" feel...

I guess I will have to come back in January, to correct that emotion!

Along the waterfront, this "sculpture" (or perhaps it's just a volcanic rock), was a bit further to the east than we had previously walked.

I went back to the whale tour dock to check out a t-shirt that I remembered seeing. I liked the bikes "and segway" rentals! (couldn't find the shirt)

Ok, can you get the tune out of your head, Shareem?

Along the main old town tourist shopss, these were the funniest t-shirts that I saw, and I wish I had gotten one! (not the one I was looking for though)

I guess this is how the leaders of the various countries are viewed? These were the only 2 countries represented.

This dome is my destination. It looked like there was a bicycle path all the way to it.

In the city, bicycles were a good option. These overpasses were not too steep.

And here is where mom visited Iceland all those years ago! Reykjavik Airport! (domestic flights only now) page.