The map is getting busy... I marked the smaller map with a red line to show the general area that we went through on this day.
We overnighted in Vik, and took a look around, it's the furthest to the right of the red circles with white centers, and then stopped at the nearby marker at Skogur.
The bright pink circle is where the volcano erupted that shut down European airtravel a few years back. There is a hiking trail in from the road here.
Then we went inland to the two upper red/white markers, then down to the third marker, near Laugarvatn, our camping spot for that night.

This is our camp site in Vik. We were in town, and once more the facilities were very good.

We then drove a short distance to see the nearby arch, the pillars, and the basalt columns. From the parking lot, we could see a new glacier: Myrdalsjokull.

This is the archway, about 5 km down the beach. It has a seperate approach road, which would require another 12 km drive.

This is the basalt column rock face, with one of the pillars in the distance. Tourism Iceland uses photos taken from the air off shore to de-emphasize it!

The columns form when lava cools slowly. John was having a coffee, and (ho-hum) checking online to see if there was something more interesting nearby...

Ok, I was kidding about John, I asked him to do that! This wall of columns is crazy!

We weren't the only ones here, it's only about 200 km to Reykjavik, and there a lot of tour busses here.

My brain keeps expecting these columns to be falling down! I guess it takes freeze-thaw cycles to do that, so mostly during the spring?

I wasn't the only one there that had a more serious camera.

The patterns still tell the story of how they were formed.

These look like a pile of pool noodles! I really enjoyed the geology. It was quite crowded here, so I timed my shots to avoid the tourists.

And here's the end-view of a stack of fire-wood!

And then there's this. A fan-shaped layer of thin flakey rocks! page.