Today's adventures are all built around a tour of a highland volcanic region. We were in modified 4x4 vans, with 44 inch tall tires.
Our campsite is marked with the red dot on the right, and we would get to Vik for our next campsite. We took the road marked F206 to a mountain named Laki.

This is a local sign-board map of the area. We met the tour at the "Kirkjub..." townsite, then went inland at the #46 orange circle.
Laki is a mountain, and is marked with a white bar, and it is between two Lakagigar labels. Lakagigar is a 25 km line of craters that appeared in 1784.
They started in the south west, and there are several hundred cones along the split line that slowly formed and progressed north east.

The morning sky at our campsite.

We had to meet with the tour group a short ride down the hiway, and along the way, ho-hum, another farm-guesthouse beside a waterfall.

And these will be our transportation. The owner/operator has 2 of them, with his brother driving the second one. The tires are 19 inches wide.

We made the journey quite comfortably, those ballon tires really soften the ride!

The facilities were ...interesting!

This is the trail up to the top of Laki. There were marker posts along the way, and bits of string and rope were used to mark "do not enter" areas.

This crater looked like it would be an intersting climb! But first, Laki.

You can see the vans, but not the ranger hut, which had nice washrooms. That old shed was no longer used. The ranger gave us a hurried explanation of the area.

The ranger was expecting us, but he seemed eager to leave. No wonder, as you can see in the inset, he was talking with those crater hikers!

The view kept getting better. Now you can see the real Ranger station beside the parking. page.