East of Myvatn

Today's tour. We looked at a number of locations, marked with the red circles in the camera icon. We then went to Hofn, a bit of a longer drive.
We took a gravel mountain pass road (#939) with some nasty steep bits to avoid taking the main road along the many fjords.
Note the huge glacier Vatnajokull. Most of its melt waters flow north, and this makes Dettifoss the biggest waterfall in Iceland.

This map shows the region of interest east of Myvatn. I re-arranged it, I didn't like their original west is up portrayal...
Our camp site is marked with a red dot, the one furthest to the left. Nearby, the other red dot is the Myvatn hotsprings. We also went to the three other red-marked locations.

First up: Myvatn's answer to the Blue Lagoon.

The facility is simpler and smaller than Blue Lagoon, but equally pleasant!

This location has long been used as a thermal bath, but the buildings are recent. Blue Lagoon is completely recent, as it is a waste water pond created by a geothermal plant.

It isn't as busy here, especially since it is a long way from the major population centers.

The water is similar to Blue Lagoon, it's loaded with silicates, which coat everything in that white rock.

The building is much smaller, but still includes similar features: including a cafeteria.

John was trying all the features! This hot water shower gave a bit of a massage. The one beside him was already in use, providing a serious neck and shoulder massage.

A rarity: another camera carrying tourist offered to get a picture that included me, and on my own camera!

Once we had experienced enough of the facility, we got dressed, and visited the coffee shop.

And then found a seat by the window.

This is the source of the hot water here, and is not reachable from the pools. I took the coffee shop's outer deck exit, and could get close to it.

This cute sign was near the entrance. The irony, of course, is that the stones in question are everywhere in Iceland, they are what the country is made of!

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