Northern Iceland

Today's travels: On the inset map, we'll be along the dark green section that's marked with the red bracket.
On the more detailed map, we will be in Akureyri, at Godafoss, Husavik, and Myvatn, each marked with a red centered camera icon.

This window bracket is meant to hold the tablet the company included. We found it more useful to have a paper map in the holder! And the best map was a bike map!

Our next stop: a bedding store to get pillows! Neither of us was happy with our towel and jacket pillows! (We were using sleeping bags, to avoid a bedding fee)

Akureyri had the most interesting street lights!

There was a large cruise ship in port, so I took this picture in case it was the one Doreen's friend was on...

We are getting further north, and so now the snow and ice are closer to ground level.

Ok, this made no sense. None at all! It was in a pull-out on a mountain pass! We took the pass detour to avoid taking the new tunnel, which required a fee.

And besides, the view is better when you're not in a tunnel! This is our first stop: Godafoss. There doesn't appear to be much in this direction...

Oh, it's the other direction!

The walk wasn't too long, and the falls were always visible. It reminds me of a smaller Niagara Falls!

It does make a good background, though!

We didn't walk right up to the falls, but they did seem to be popular!

Iceland has plenty of tourists, and can afford to lose a few... No guard rails!

This is another piece of the old hiway, a single lane bridge. It's now a walkway to allow visitors to go on either side of the falls. page.