Chesterman, round 2!

This time the morning cleared up a bit quicker, and we arrived to a nice sunny beach!

This is my "usual" position with the camera, in the water up to my knees. I carried a small towel to dry off the camera from time to time...

No one was out fishing today, and so the crew takes up more room...

Sadly, we had to practically drag the kids into the water, they had no enthusiasm whatsoever!

John decided to try out a more rigid board, which was designed for better carved turns. ...we shall see...

Finn picked a good wave, which wasn't that tough to do, the waves were good today!

Jack, practicing his cool dude, effortless boarding pose!

Marion had joined in, and was also doing quite well.

And Taryn crashed the party pretty quickly!

John and Jack. "This looks like a good one!"

"You go ahead, I'll take the next one."

"Ok, Finn, let's try this one!"

And very quickly, there were eight! And spread out a bit too far for the camera! page.