Inside the Volcano

Next day, we got up bright and early. Well, it was bright and early for hours before we woke up! We went looking for breakfast...

Reykjavik (pronounce "rekavik", you'll be close) has some modern architecture mixed in with the old.

And it has the "what is this?" civic art placements, just like every other city!

On our way to take a closer look in the old town, we passed this scary hair place!

And this place is quite up front about what it is!

I had to re-read the name of this place a few times...

John decided to help launch this ship, but unfortunately it sunk as soon as he pushed it out... oops!

This is a French naval training tall ship, and the on-board crew were quite willing to describe their vessel.

We went into the whale display building, and learned all about the whales that we didn't eat yesterday!

And about the whale that we did...

Our volcano tour was booked for the early afternoon, so we began to wander back to the place where we were staying. I liked their bike locking posts!

The upstairs is a popular night club, and the downstairs is... Well, not sure... page.