An island in the Atlantic: Iceland

And what better way to get to Iceland, than a direct flight with Icelandair!

I saw when booking that the Business Class seats were only 40% more expensive than Economy, so I treated myself!
Lots of legroom, nobody beside me! Economy seats were 3 wide on each side of the isle. In Business, the same space was given to 2 seats on each side of the aisle.

...about to depart...

Surrey, with Hiway 91 below, and Hiway 99 in the distance.

About to disappear into the clouds, with the junction of the Fraser and Pitt Rivers below. The new Golden Ears Bridge is in the distance.

And pretty soon we popped out above the clouds!

And there were a lot of clouds!

Oh well, I'll just enjoy this nice coffee... The black headset is noise-cancelling, and is provided in the front of the plane.

This map shows where night is, that dark curve, which is travelling to the left. As you can see, the flight is travelling to the right, and we may pass right over the night.

Evening in Northern Canada...

My seat had a good view to the south, and you could see the dark night sky way to the south. (that thin dark slice, it's shaded by the earth)

The flight staff were ok with my picture taking, and offered to let me use an empty seat on the other side of the plane, so I could see the "sunset".

This was about as dark as it got from the north side view, the sun never completely disappeared. page.