Leaving Japan

On the train ride to the Osaka airport, we could see a few things, like this stadium.

And this urban slice-of-life apartment dweller's laundry drying system. All of these living spaces look small.

And there's the airport control tower. The train goes along a lower level of a hiway bridge.

I remember this walkway, we saw this on arrival!

Apparently carrying beer bottles with steel toe army boots (the bottles weren't wearing army boots), might place you over the weight limit.

Marion enjoying one last cold creamy treat! Hey, maybe we can sell this odd-looking white stuff in Canada! We could open a chain, called "King of the Dairy!"...

Yuko, enjoying a last few minutes pre-flight. We had to travel from Osaka to Tokyo, then change planes for the Vancouver flight.

Apparently, this is not our flight...

And neither is this one.

Nor this one. That big Ferris wheel in the background looks like it might be worth a visit...

Hey! This is our flight!

Yup, that's them!

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