Great Shrine Tourism

As we were leaving, we passed by this show as it was underway. The guy in white is comic relief, and imitating the star's actions.

Lots of visitors, and lots of cameras, so I made use of my telephoto lens. Yes, he was playing the flute while balancing that pile on his foot.

This was the only time he looked a bit apprehensive: he spun around and around...

Balanced on the end of the flute, as he still played the flute...

You'd think those bowls were glued to the pole!

Nope. He dismantled the whole pile, while balanced, and clinked the bowls together to prove they were real.
He tossed them behind, and the other guy had to catch them. The third guy is grinning, because one went right over the other guy's head, and clonked onto the stage...

Ah! There be dragons!

"Ah! There be Canadians!"

"There! There they are!"

"...maybe we can scare them away..."

"No? Then I'm going own those stairs and... Hold it, I can't see the stairs very well."

"I can't see them anymore! I think they're gone!" page.