Next stop: Arashiyama

...but first: breakfast! We visited this place a lot!

The owner-operator is a retired coffee wholesaler, and a serious movie fan. I think Marion and John were able to share that enthusiasm more than I could.

We took a slight detour, to check out this nearby gardens again...

Then Yuko stopped in at this bakery to pick up a few things for snacks later.

While returning to the hotel, she even joined in a senior's fitness group at the community center!

While waiting for Yuko to drop things off at the hotel, I wandered the local area. This bike shop in the covered shopping area sold bikes.

This is the covered shopping lane. It's not wide, it has just enough room for a senior citizen to calmly cycle past the delivery vehicles going the other way!

A common problem here. There is very little parking space. Those places that had parking built in, built them based on the smaller sized cars. So a full sized Porsche...

Unlike the full-sized Porsche, this little cement truck had no problem finding parking!

...I wonder if the sign actually reads "Do Not Take Pictures"... That is a strange looking baby carriage, though. I will assume this is a day-care center employee.

We boarded the subway, then at the outskirts of town, we transferred to a rail trolley car. Out here there were a few "fixer-uppers"...

Why are they looking so amused? Well, I lost my balance, and landed on my seat with a loud thump. They were (mostly) amused, and didn't mind me taking their picture!
I'm pretty sure they're going to be telling all their friends about how the met this foreigner that talked with them, and that he took their picture! Well, 3 of them. I'm not too sure about the 4th... page.