The Sake Tour

Walking through all those orange archways made us ready for lunch.
The instructions by Marion's shoulder are to let the foreign tourists know that the sauce goes in the bowl, not in the bamboo noodle drainage box!

We almost lost Marion to this cafe! (700 yen for 20 minutes!)

We never did figure this guy out. Maybe he's a Griffindor fan, like Luna Lovegood? ...or maybe it attracts his "type"?

Another old licence plate! This one is PEI, home of "Anne of Green Gables", a significant book to Japanese women...

We were following the Google map directions, taking the shortest route to the sake making museum.

We found it! According to Yuko, that round brush thing is a symbol used by the sake makers.

Unfortunately, a bus tour group arrived at the same time, so we wandered the exterior first, waiting for the crowd to die down a bit.

The current zodiac symbol was displayed in the above picture, and outside the shop, there were 9 others awaiting their turns! (Yes, I know, 2 are missing)

Three more.

And the last three! Whoever made them, certainly enjoyed their job!

There was even an all-you-can-drink early form of sake available. The Japanese word for it is pronounced "mizu".

So we looked for a big enough barrel so that we could take some home with us! page.