A Vancouver Island Interlude, continued.

I travelled east this time... Parksville was unispiring, I missed the turnoff for Englishman River Falls, and Little Qualicum Falls is closed due to downed trees. So Cameron Lake, it is!

This is the public area at the east end, and though it looks like a shallower entry into the water, the downed trees (old and new) made it bit of a mess.

However, it did present "artistic impression" opportunities, so put on your "art critics" hat!

A first time for everything: the little car is on a dirt road!

Where else, but Catherdral Grove / MacMillan Park. It always looks like you should see a dinosaur walking by...

I prefer the Catherdral Grove name, it's more descriptive...

Recent wind storms left a lot of trees on the ground.

There were a lot of downed trees, new and old.

They slowly decay...

And eventually, they will disappear.

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