The Shogun's Castle: Nijo-jo

Beginning of the second full day in Japan: We are on our way down the road to find a breakfast place, and this full-sized vehicle squeezed by!

Having agreed to meet Marion and John later in the morning, we went for a little explore, and found this very interesting coffee shop, and its very interesting owner! A movie fan!

...almost big enough, but how would we get it back to Canada?

Further along the road, there was a shrine beside a pond, with a nice bridge.

Now that's a Dragon boat!

On the other side of the pond, the locals were practicing their faith, so the tourist stayed out of the way...

The Shogun's castle is quite close to where we were staying, and is a popular destination for visitors! ...stay tuned, you'll see why...

The lineup moved pretty quick, and we paid the larger of the entry fees, as this allowed us into the buildings as well. This is the main gate.

Just inside the main gate is a large courtyard, and then another gate, which is much fancier. Photographing this gate was high on my priority list.

The decorations were impressive, and the longer I look the more details I find. I hadn't noticed the dragon and the tiger before.

Looking almost straight up, while under the gateway.

This led to the inner courtyard, and in the distance are the Shogun's dwellings.

The walk-through does require us to remove our shoes...

Don't look at this picture!

You looked, didn't you... I didn't notice the "no photo" signs at first. ooops.
So. Don't look at the picture, and that way it doesn't exist! page.