Hey, Look! Aurora's in town! ...what's Aurora? Well, let's take a look...

It's set up in one of the parking areas near the BC Place Stadium, and appears to have a large collection of light displays, and beverage vendors...

What could be more Canadian Christmas than a moose!

And not just "a moose", but several mooseses!

They are tall, and like everything here, it's completely rainproof, and easy to assemble.

And not just moose, there's polar bears as well! case you hadn't noticed, this place is designed to be "selfie heaven"!

Yuko enters the Yeti cave! Brrr, it's cold in there! How cold? Well, almost as cold as Yuko's feet got later on!

Yes, it's a Disco tent. On the floor was a large square of flashing coloured lights, and the counter featured: more beverage sales!

Apparently lighted tunnels are a thing...

Everything was spotless, extremely well produced, and had a faint whiff of "spend more money, please".

There were several of these large metal mirror balls arranged here and there.. Can you see my reflection?

Among the various displays: an ice-sculpture polar bear!

Now this is getting creative with ice sculptures! There were a few "kids features", but the whole thing seemed aimed at selfie-taking, alcohol imbibing, young adults. page.