The north road.

Departure day: Time for one last pot of morning tea!

And one last balcony pose! The flight is at 11:30 pm, so no rush.

We made a quick stop in Lahaina, where it turned out to be "Cruise Ship Day", and the place was packed!

After a quick shopping detour we made our way back up the coast, and past Kapalua (in the distance). Into the rugged untamed wilds we went...

The very edge of civilization!

...home of the uncivilized, untamed, and rugged... Surfers!

Rugged, untamed and uncivilized, surfers of both genders! ...including a rare sighting of the female of the species...

I'm not sure just how they avoid bonking into each other... ...maybe they use that "call me on the phone" hand gesture...

Wild or not, this was a popular place. Lots of spectators, as well!

"My turn! My turn!" This guy was good. He went a good distance along that wave.

Uh oh. This guy's not having a good day. Into the washing machine he goes!

We then moved over to another bay further along the road, and this is one last look back in the direction we came from. We are also now under the path that we took in the helicopter. page.