Snorkle tour boat.

We didn't want to miss out on a chance to snorkle in the clear warm tropical waters, and so it was up early, and off to meet the boat!

Our boat: A purpose-built catamaran, capable of beach landing to pick up its passengers.

We had to time our entry between the waves! There was even a setting moon in the distance!

It was still only shortly after sunrise. We left from the main Ka'anapali Beach area, where there was pre-arranged parking available.

Enjoying the sunshine, and the open water!

The on-board photographer began apologizing to me for his camera, it was the one provided by the company. When I got the pictures, of which this is one, I understood the apology!

The boat and captain, whom I presume, is also the owner...

Second in command, and in charge of the people and events. ...I think her and Yuko are arranging to call each other later...

The scuba instructor, operating a Snuba system on board.
Snuba? It's where the air tank stays on a float at the surface, and you breathe through a scuba regulator attached to a 20 ft long air hose. As you move around, you pull the float along with you.
This is an excellent way to simplify tropical diving, as the users don't need to be certified, or trained for any length of time. You can't go deeper than 20 ft. And in the tropics, that's deep enough!

There was a pretty strong wind from the north, but the since a catamaran is not as easily pushed by the waves when straight into them, we were pretty comfortable.

We headed south of the main beach area a few kilometers, and had an excellent offshore view of the volcano ridges! page.