A New Year!

The only way to see the fireworks is to get to Canada Place, and on foot was probably the best way to do it...
Along the way: the view east from the Burrard Bridge. That's the Granville Street Bridge in the distance, and Granville Island on the right.

Granville street was quite busy. The usual street crowd was there, but now mixed in with the party goers.

It's Granville Street. Variety is the life of spice!

I was halfways expecting the sign to read "Discover Uranus..."

Closer to Canada Place. What at first appeared to be numerous jammed roads, with busses, and even snowplow trucks blocking lanes, in retrospect was all part of the security.
This is how you prevent some idiot from driving a vehicle into the crowds, in the name of some terror organization. There were a lot of circulating police and security personnel.
The security was very much there, but also very low-key. There was no obvious weaponry, no crowd interaction, nor interference. ...very Canadian.

Along the back side of the convention center there were a lot of very busy food trucks. A very civilized crowd. Throughout the night, I only noticed 2 drunks.

These fences were being used to control the crowd size. Once a certain number of people were in an area, the fences were used to close off the area. No crowd crush.

This hula-hoopster was having fun! She would trap some random guy (who was with friends) inside the hoop with her, and then embarras him into gyrating along with her!

Live music on this stage. Other stages featured dj music.

The walkways alongside of Canada Place were blocked off, so most were walking over to the convention center.

The convention center walkway was busy, as it had the best view of the fireworks barge.

The other side of the convention center had a dj stage, and was quite popular. There were lineups for the nearby restaurants. I thought it would be all "reservation only".

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