A New Year!

The open area was filling quickly. It got noticably busier once 10:30 went by. A mistake I made was assuming I could grab something for my late dinner.
The lineups at the food trucks were over 40-50 people long. I eventually found a heated "soft pretzel" seller that was lost in the crowd, so I was able to get something!

I had chosen a spot along the north end of the convention center walkway. I stayed there from 10:45 on. By 11:15 it was 2 people deep. By 11:30 it was 5 people deep.

The fireworks barge. It was only about 200 meters away. This needs a very wide angle lens! (Most of today's pictures were taken at 1/10 second, hand-held, no tripod)

And we're off! Wow, is it ever loud! Especially with a wall behind us!

I had no of knowing what camera settings to use...

So I tried different settings, and checked the results, and made adjustments as things were happening...

The fellow bystanders were mostly recording with cellphones...

Then the fireworks began to get too bright for the camera settings, so adjustments needed to be made.

At first the horizontal landscape pictures were able to collect the entire display.

But then the fireworks kept getting higher, so I eventually had to rotate the camera to portrait mode!

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