200th day.

Yea! It's my 200th day of kayaking! ...so, how to celebrate? A quick sprint around False Creek on the speed machine?

Or maybe a slower cruise, with a camera and company?

Well, that settled it then! The dock was busy, we even had to make room for this paddle-boarder. ...Yuko likes to keep her kayak clean, and is carefully washing her hatch cover...

200 days, 1,988.3 km, 289.6 hrs... Here's the Coast Guard station, in the process of building a larger dock.

We weren't the only ones out today. This fellow was having fun! (...and his paddle is upside down...)

Ok, that's a very short kayak! Both look quite warmly dressed. It must be cold out!

Or not. She was managing a rescue class training on these little surf boards.

They don't make it look cold out at all!

Of course, from the water, there's a whole new vantage point for viewing the fall colours!

All the trees still seem to have their foliage. And there's lots of green around still.

Yuko's red kayak blends in with the freighters!

Ok, not really. We were heading to Siwash Rock, and were finally getting close to the park.

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