Off to Whistler for the day.

What's a BRZ? Well, this is: Subaru's inexpensive little 2-seater sports car. Here I am, parked on the grass at the Spa-Francourchamps F1 race course, in Belgium!

...and here I am passing a Subaru WRX! Nice racing helmet, no?

Ok, Ok, here's the real one. The previous two pictures are taken from my PlayStation video game driving simulator, which happens to include the exact same car.
This is my "rolling, depreciating, convertable, hard-top, asset"... With neither mortgages, kids, nor grand-kids to service, it's just a fun toy for me to enjoy for a while.

And what better road to test it out, but the highway to Whistler!

...where CrankWorx was in full swing! Lots of bikes, and as the poster notes, lots of "Women in Action..."

Since Vancouver was currently busy with lots of tourists, we thought we would enjoy some peace and quiet in the village...

There were a lot of mountain bikes in use, and on display. This is an innovative chain guide system!

...this is an innovative price... Yikes! (our bikes cost about 1/10th of that...)

And was it all about the boys and their adrenalin toys? No! This all comes in pink, fuscia, mauve, and powder blue as well!

There are good views of the crazy stunts!

...ok, I was kidding, the previous picture was of a tourist at play. This is CrankWorx: That big Kokanee sign is under the lip of a big jump.

This is an internationally ranked event, and only those with proven medical insurance may compete! page.