Seasonal Fun!

Let the Baking begin! ...Oops, the baking was done last week... Oh, right. Let the Decorating begin!

Serious business, this calorie construction!

Ah! Now there are three, plus a little one! "Hey mom, is that the guy that you said was so tough? ...he doesn't look like much."

So, the decorating is now in full swing!

"Look mister, you seem like a nice enough guy, so I'm gonna give you fair warning: my usual opponents are specially trained day-care workers. I'll have you broken in less than an hour!"

So the chatter and gossip... I mean, the decorating, continued... "Pssst, Yuko, what are his weak spots?"

The Junior Supervisor branches out into Decorations Coordinator!

Nearly done!

"Uh oh, I may have under-estimated this guy... I better deploy my ultimate weapon: the poopy diaper bomb!"

So, it was a draw! Meanwhile, the decorating committee has succeeded!

Two houses, and a lot of cookies!

Midori did well with her simplified A-frame!

Yuko is adding ever more complex features!

Midori's work, a bit closer... page.