Seasonal Fun!

A beautiful gift of flowers from Peter and Jen!

The Christmas decorations are finally up!

And so is the tree! Details: it's 2 am, a 20 sec exposure, at f20, with a 24mm lens.

It snowed yesterday, and it's thawing now...

Making a Titanic trip! Beware of ice-burgs!

The heavy snowfall left a frozen thin crunchy crust on the protected waters!

There was no problem getting the paddle through it, but now I know what it would be like paddling through a bowl of corn-flakes!

After returning from the 12 km round-trip to Jericho docks, I wanted to see the little cove's ice layer again.

Well, the snow has weighted down the ice, which is now 3 inches under the surface, and the thick wet slush doesn't provide much traction!
It looks like a small animal has been running across. More than once.

I got to entertain the spectators as I slowly made my way across the slush covered ice!

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