Santa Claus.

Hey! Santa Claus came to town! And he brought a lot of people with him!

...Ok, those aren't reindeer, those are ponies...

"Whadaya mean, we gotta shave our legs? No way!'s too cold out. Maybe in the summer...

Ok, apparently the Grinch is on the loose, and he's now a bad guy! Didn't they read the end of the book?

"No, those ponies already have owners. ...and there wasn't room for another one in this bag..." (dad thinking: Whew!)

The long arm of the law is attached to the long, armed, lawman! "Now Santa, about that tax evasion..."

Santa, feeling gregarious! Hey, can we get this show on the road!

Finally, the parade begins, the first steps are taken! Nothing can stop us now!

Wanna bet! Apparently correcting an upside-down flag will do just that! ...oops!

And the parade begins again! This time it keeps moving!

...I remember these guys. They were at the drill hall opening a few months ago...

Zootopia is even involved! ...still no bunny cops. ...or fox cops either. ...and where's your pants? page.