Santa Claus.

"Here be dragons!" careful, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup!

So he really did turn bad... And looks like he got away, too! Did you check Mt. Crumpet...

Oh, that was quick, they caught him already! ...maybe Martha was a bad influence, after all...

The woman in the yellow vest was the organiser, and had to run up and down the hill many times! "No! Turn right! I said, turn right!"

Ok, it's not just the police here, the fire department is here too! "...yeah, and it's a Sunday, so it's double-overtime!"

And they even have a band! to put out fires by! ...the Doors: Come on baby, light my fire!

The ambulance service is also here. ...hopefully not in a professional capacity...

They even brought a bear with them!

The airport, YVR, is involved too.

Impressive firetruck, but why the pointy bit?

...a very pointy bit!

Well, Safety First. But today, it's more like # 15 in the order... page.