Pumpkin carving.

So today it was off to the museum, a nice long walk.

This is new since I used to live here... Ok, that's 40 years ago!

Mom wanted a good look around, to see if her previous appliances were still on display. They were...

I mean, can you imagine! ...just look at that old microwave oven up there! At least it has 3 windows!

Remember when mom used to sew all our clothes? ...the things you could do with burlap!

Mom's old ice-skates. Hers had seperate boots and blades, and you bought them from 2 different companies.

How quickly camera technology moves along! That one doesn't even use SD-XC memory chips! ...probably still uses the old bulky CF ones.

They did have quite a display of antiques, though. ...Excluding mom, of course!

Ok, I remember these stories and books! But not the little slates.

And then it was back home for Chinese take-out!

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