Pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin time! "Make a scary face!"

But first... Isn't it nice to see a brother and sister cooperating so nicely... ...to eviscerate a pumpin!

Well, the authorities decided it was unacceptable for Autumn to get pumpkin guts on her dance class clothes, so I donated a t-shirt!

Ok, I know what you're thinking, and it's wasn't quite hat I expected either... I expected big triangle eyes, etc, to cut out.

The only way I could think to "carve" their drawn pumpkin faces, was to lightly gouge along the lines. ...This is Wolverine and Deadpool in one image...

Then it was time to show off their designs to the art critics, and the grandfather!

"I made this cookie, and I still have 3 left!"

"I made this cookie, and other people ate most of them! ...but that's ok!

And now the pumpkin is on guard duty.

Can you see where the tree used to be? Oddly enough, no one notices the old Dogwood is gone...

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