The good weather is cooling off.

A 50 km bike ride into Richmond...

The middle arm of the Fraser is too shallow for commercial vessels, and is a mix of messy and tidy.

There's even a UBC Rowing Club facility.

As a former UBC employee, this was a surprise to me... Looks nice.

The Olympic Oval now has a beach volleyball court!

There is more development in the north-west corner of Richmond.

The west edge of Richmond. It's still growing with the silt being deposited from the Fraser.

Steveston, the main tourist dock, still the same. The rest of the area is expanding though.

The new developments are spreading east along the south arm of the Fraser.

...modern art... I spoke with the "modern artist" for a while. I think it looks like a reindeer, but apparently it's a salmon...

This late in the season, and the big oranges are getting ripe!

After the cycling, it's kayak time, and these teams were ready to race. ...and staring at a camera...

Along the waterfront on Point Grey Rd, and apparently the beach boulders needed re-arranging...

And back at the dock, the pirates were on the move! page.