The good weather is cooling off.

This is the marker piling near Point Grey, a nice long paddle from Vancouver, in the distance.

The weather was cooperating, so I took the long ride from Granville Island, to Siwash Rock, between the freighters, to the marker piling, and back

An 18.5 km round trip, according to the gps. Non-stop, other than the piling picture, averaging about 7.5 kph, and quite influenced by the tides.
I can do this speed for several hours at a time. If I push as hard as I can for 5-6 km, it only gains another 0.75 kph, and I'm exhausted afterwards. Not much more speed for a lot more work.

This was really calm moment on another day.

Hmmm... better clean the lens!

Ooops! It was upside down!

...back to the bikes... Yuko and I took Finnegan and Ocean out for a 4 hr bike ride. Ocean is having a blast on his adult sized bike!

It was supposed to be for Finnegan, but he doesn't like it. Ocean fits with the seat all the way down. "This is so easy!" ...compared to his "little" bike.

Finally caught up to today! A 16.5 km kayak trip begins, and here's #10 in the 2016 list of boats that wish they had a different owner!

Here's #9 again. They were cleaning up a lot of the mess, and there was another person inside doing something with 2x6's. Lots of hammering. Trying to sail with the tide?

So. How'd the boat rescue go? Well, not too good... The only sign of the repair job is a piece of 2x6 left behind on the rock.

Yup. Full of water. Try again...

On the way back to the dock, passage was blocked by the police, as the fire-boats were on display by Granville Island!

It looks like there is a new boat in the fleet, and it was strutting its stuff.

...or maybe they're just trying to wash the pigeon crap off the bottom of the bridge...

The boats stopped at Granville Island, where there was a welcoming committee of other rescue service boats.

It looks like the new boat is a real improvement on the older models...

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