Paddles & Motorcycles.

The summer heat is making the squirrels a little ...squirrelly. It's chewing on the bbq's plastic cover, and peed on it, too!

I guess the squirrels can't really go here to relax, can they...

The next beach past the doggie off-leash beach. And there were definitely no squirrels there, either!

The pirates are busy now, running 3-4 tours a day. Good summer job for the unemployed actors!

So far the water-park is not being water-restricted. Let's hope that doesn't happen again this year.

A nice peaceful afternoon to take the dog for a walk... ...kayak ride?

Yup. Kayak ride. "Hey, get off that phone, and start paddling!"

I guess the guy on the end didn't get the memo... A memo, I presume, stating major dockwork about to begin, so clear out!

Kayak rentals here too now. I had wondered where those pale blue kayaks were coming from.

Interesting new bike stands...

There sure are a lot of them... Mobi, Vancouver's new bike share system, apparently.

Ok, this made no sense. Someone left these on the park bench that's right outside the apartment's front door. An honest mistake, or a catastrophic romantic failure? page.