Paddle, Pedal, Walk

I'm not too sure exactly why this might be worthy subject matter, but then I'm a amateur...

These guys on the other hand are professionals, and they were filming it...

It was Dragon Boat festival time, and the temporary tents were everywhere.

The wind was bit strong, which made for a quick trip from Granville island!

And when the wind helps you one way, it gets you back on the return trip! Staying close to shore, out of the wind, helped a lot...

The Lewisia on the balcony are gearing up for a 2nd bloom cycle this year.

This invader was difficult to photograph with such a narrow depth of field!

This invader was difficult to photograph because I had the lens autofocus set on manual. Oops. That squirrel had made a nest inside the barbeque!

Ok. I can hardly wait... Actually there are a lot of vacant "for lease" store fronts right now. There were 9 along Robson just on the block that London Drugs is on.

An infux of tourists always helps, though!

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