Pedal, Paddle, Walk.

This one baffles me... It's locked to a public dock (a no no), and they chose the upper section of a 2 stage ramp that is only at water level from mid to high tide.

The later afternoon sun illuminates the $20 - $50 million dollar houses. This one looks like 5 seperate homes all connected together across the front.

So. Take a peek in the windows...

It certainly looks well furnished, but I haven't seen anyone at this home yet...

This one is a purpose-built single building, with that concrete bunker and glass look.

Take a closer look at the big rooms! Oops, the upper left room looks like a bedroom with a bathtub in it!

I hadn't noticed this one earlier, it's only a few blocks from the apartment. Looks like 4-5 properties wide...

A closer look shows a camera on a tripod on the left!

An older gentleman was looking out the window earlier, watching the kayak go by.

So he gets this view too!

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