Water Parks

Sunny day: what to do, what to do...

Other than going to the swimming pool, you could be pouring beer into the sand...

Maybe paddle board? Maybe fishing?

Get involved in the movies?

Beach vollyball? Pushing a stroller on the sand?

Which ever you do, the tide's going to have its say!

This is the high tide for the month.

The same place, low tide for the month...

And when the tide is really low, sailboats need to anchor in water deep enough for their keel.

Another low tide activity: Salvage.

The city gave the owners 1 month to deal with it, and now the city is taking over. This will be removed at tax-payer expense, and sold as scrap.

A costly operation, these guys need to charge enough to cover for when they are not busy. Lots of expensive equipment that needs to be maintained. ...nosey kayakers.

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