Water Parks

Well, that didn't take long... They were still discussing whether their pumps could keep up with the various leaks.

When you have the right equipment, it goes quickly.

Another paddling group. I haven't seen this canoe near Granville Island before.

Well, let's check up on the Internationally Festive Children...

Actually, the waterpark nearby was busier...

The various water features did not run non-stop, they were cycled on and off every minute or so.

And at certain times, this pole would fire a jet of water way up into the air. ...which then came back down on us unsuspecting bystanders. ...nearly soaked the camera.

Lots of soggy people, having fun!

And more soggy people having fun!

I walked up to vanDusen, with its unusual woodwork... And stopped there just to use the facilities while on my way to Queen Elizabeth Park.

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