Bicycles and kayaks.

Today was a good day to try a longer bike ride. Lots to see along the way...

Looks like he's still trying to get that painting done!

That yellow boat is the "Prince of Whales", and it's heading out in search of... well, you guess!

Made it! All the way to Whytecliffe Park, near Horseshoe Bay. It can be fun to look down on the sailboats...

These 4 gentlemen were enjoying their retirement! They asked some fairly detailed questions about my bike, then resumed their meeting. Retired bus drivers, apparently.

On the beach at Whytecliffe.

Time for the long ride home... There was new on-going construction everywhere in this part of West Van.

I like how they are blending in with the scenery.

Almost back to the bridge. I stopped for a break here...

The beach was actually fairly busy. Mostly moms with small kids playing in the sand, and seniors soaking in the sun.

...and there goes the Prince of Whales, returning, no doubt, from a great day on the water... The boat is throwing a lot of water in that rooster-tail, usually an indication of a high speed propellor.

Almost 65 km. I used some really low gears on that bike on the last hills... page.