Bicycles and kayaks.

Next day, and the legs were still tired, so it was time to give the arms a workout. I went out into English Bay but the water was too lumpy to be fun, so went back past Science World instead.

So I'm a retired Research Scientist, what am I supposed to do with all that data anyway? Analyse it! This is my paddling speed, taken from the above gps data that I transferred into a spreadsheet.
You can see the slow-down between 1 and 2 km, that's where I fought the rough water. You can see that turning around really gave me a boost in speed! I reached Science World around 7 km,
and then got slowed down coming back into the wind. The speed drop just before the 4 km mark was me having to brake to avoid being blown into a dock...
The almost 11 kph data points between the 2 and 3 km marks were when the kayak tried to surf. I can't keep it stable enough to surf yet.

Speaking of kayaks, remember the wheelchair kayak from a few days ago?

Now that's an act of faith!

Or maybe she's being punished for something?

The paddle has coiled straps attached to both her wrists.

Ok, any last requests?

And she's away! They even built a special launch ramp for this kayak...

She doesn't look too happy that the instructor is going to be with her...

I know, I'll make a getaway attempt! page.