Spring has Sproinged.

Looks like the weather is finally warming up, and someone's even playing on the water.

And the public artwork is being studiously enjoyed by an appreciative young audience. It's always nice to see a piece of art get a positive review!

The beach may be very popular this time of the year, but I don't think this boat really wants to be here... ( ...a three hour cruise... )

It may be spring and getting warmer, but it's still not quite warm enough for outdoor seating.

This tree hasn't yet got the blooming message...

So what. Who cares...

The daffodils know what time it is!

Not quite warm enough for swimming yet, though.

There were people out on big and little round things...

There were people hitting little round things! (yes, it's there, in the "Y" of the branches)

This was probably not caused by a golf ball. We had a few wind storms this winter.

The giant rhubarb will fill this picture by summer.

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