Spring has Sproinged.

The willow tree was willowing nicely.

The magnolia was magnolying magnificently!

The grass on the conference center looks like it needs mowing already.

No one playing in the fountains yet.

Ok, maybe that's a summer activity. Surprising they were running, though.

The Olympic flame continues to not burn day and night, inspiring all who see it.

This boat's a long way from home. It even has a Hamilton water jet rather than a propeller. Looks very custom made.

And these boats are all happily floating in the nice bright fluorescent green water. Fluorescent green water?

Yup. Looks like it's coming from a sunken container.

Whatever it is, it's a liquid that's lighter than seawater, and slowly rising to the surface in large droplets. Glycol antifreeze? Reminder: never swim near a marina.

This lasted for only a beautiful few minutes.

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