Long Weekend.

The flowers Marion planted are still providing a lot of colour!

But those grape leaves keep cluttering the patio...

So it was time to add to the mess! Actually, those were all the vines that were encroaching on the buildings.

Then it was time for a walk! Out to the fair grounds, to see what all the noise during the summer in Rogers Creek had accomplished.

The signboard even has a map of the valley's trails and activity locations!

Ok, Here we are. Um, actually, no we're not.
The "You Are Here" should be up and left, above the "B" in Bob Dailey Stadium.
The "Vimy Bridge" should be rotated 90 degrees (as it crosses the river), and should be moved left to the nearby big green dot...

Some of the old scrap from the old dump site is piled up and ready to go.

From the base of the new access road (which is in the same location as the old access trail), you can see the wide area that used to be underbrush is now very landscaped.

And here's the bridge at the bottom of the trail. It crosses beside the shale cliffs, and the new road continues downstream.

And here's the old "throw rocks in the pools" location, seen from the other side of the creek. You can see the new roadway in the background.

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