Long Weekend.

The trail makes a nice walk, as it winds its way between the trees.

And here's the location of the old log-jam. All gone. As is the beaver dam that was behind it.

This is the "bridge to nowhere", a 3rd bridge, as yet uninstalled...

And this is the second bridge, which meets the old trail that carries on to the 10th Ave access. No more road, though. This is all they have done so far.

So, time for a nice walk back!

Let's see, the ferns grow mostly on the north side of the trees?

Dept of Fisheries must have been involved, there are many enhancement features including this pool at the base of the access road.

Logs have been placed at the creek edge, and cabled to the big rocks. There were many new trees and shrubs planted along the channels and pools.

These stumps line a channel, presumably to provide hiding places for young fish.

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