Olympictures, cont'd...

The Empire Landmark Hotel (formerly the Sheraton), home of the Japanese team before they reach the village, and also the "Japanese Pavilion". Yuko went in to volunteer this morning at 7:30am, it's now 8:10 pm, and she's still away. Yesterday she had the interesting experience of carrying a firearm in the airport. Apparently the biathletes were allowed to carry thier rifles and ammo aboard the aircraft. This must have been a very very very interesting experience for the airport security people.

The welcoming committee. "But we aren't the athletes..."

Out front, the Japanese team jacket, and I presume a few of the Japanese athletes dressed up for some Robson Street shopping. They will certainly blend in with the tourists! Really.

The Russian women, deep into their shopping...

Romanian team members, out for some fun. Apparently 2 of them are "good friends", judging by the handholding. So I guess there's no "anti-fraternizing" regulations in place for them?

Another common sight: a group of Who's That? in their matching outfits. A lot of different corporate jackets around.

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